Dog, Disc, and Wind teaches from Shaman’s experiences, the Dog Frisbee style she loved.

Shaman’s Blog tells about her wonderful experience with Frisbee Freestyle from 1993 through 1998.  Teaching by example, using our digitized video of the times, we created the world’s first Canine Frisbee training CD, “Dog, Disc, and Wind” for both Mac and Windows, in English and in Japanese, in 1997 and 1998.  Shaman passed in 2007.

In August, 2009, We began the Rescue of Gypsy.  This is still in process, as she had a long history.

Gypsy and I are at the beginning of our time together, enjoying the journey. She has grown healthy and strong, is attending obedience school, and learning to play.  She was just beginning to be comfortable with  a Frisbee.

Suddenly, and without warning, she injured herself while running back and forth in a playful mood. She had surgery,  Pins and wire in her knee, and a second surgery to remove them.  She is now patrolling her back yard, running, and even occasionally jumping.

Life is a story, revealed one day at a time. Please visit frequently and read Gypsy’s Blog.

This site would not be complete without a link to Mo, the Yorkie who was teamed with Shaman, and who is now teamed with Gypsy.

The prior site is still available, and it shows 3 sample Dog Frisbee moves in English, German, and Japanese.

A web rendition of a CD called “Dog, Disc, and Wind” is currently available in English and partially available in Japanese.

-- Glen Speckert

Gypsy has awakened the Shaman inside of Glen

Mo, the Yorkie in the middle